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Artistic Table Lamps by Kinzig Design – eclectic and beautiful

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These artistic table lamps by Kinzig Design make an eclectic and beautiful addition to any home. We had the fortune to test out the Mae lamp, and we love it. The images really do it justice, illustrating the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, which Kinzig rightly claims on its website. The hand-blown glass base features tinted glass, worked artistically into a number of different designs. Each lamp is topped by a silk hand-made shade of unique shapes and finished with a variety of colors and patterns. The eclectic style suits any room and any style, from traditional to modern-contemporary. As a single statement piece in your foyer, a pair in the bedroom or virtually anywhere in your home, these artistic lamps make a great addition. Their elaborate style grabs your attention; you really don’t need any other adornments in the space if you have one of these. These table lamps make a beautiful gift idea, for someone else or for yourself. Prices start at $500. For more information visit Kinzig Design.
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