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Art Deco Vanity from Altamarea – the Shan-Deco vanity

altamarea vanity shan deco 1 Art Deco Vanity from Altamarea   the Shan Deco vanity
If you long for something entirely different, something with flair and theatricality for your bathroom, the Shan-Deco vanity from Altamarea might be the vanity that fulfils your desires. This vanity can be as dramatic or subdued as you decide – it’s an Art Deco vanity to suit you. If visual impact is your aim, the ornately framed doors of the Art Deco vanity come in a stunning silver finish, with an antiqued, tarnished effect that brings out the intricate detailing of the frames. The centres of the frames also feature black lace, an aspect which cannot fail to delight fashionistas. However, if you consider your discernment to be more subtle in nature, the Shan-Deco vanity also comes in a fetching biscuit hue, which serves to downplay the drama whilst retaining the individuality. Consult Altamarea to make this Art Deco vanity an integral part of your life.
altamarea vanity shan deco 2 Art Deco Vanity from Altamarea   the Shan Deco vanity