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Architectural Fireplaces – no chimney ethanol fireplace Ribbon Fire by Digifire

Today’s trend-watchers will tell you – built-in and custom pieces are all the rage, making this no chimney fireplace by Digifire the latest must-have. The Ribbon Fire is an architectural fireplace that creates a band of flames across your wall, offering a modern twist to this traditional favorite. If you live in a condo and thought a fireplace was out of the question, think again! This ethanol fireplace requires no chimney, no flue and no gas. The wall-mounted design offers easy installation virtually anywhere in your home. A fully recessed stainless steel box features the flame, while a hidden panel below conceals the controls. A fully automatic pumping system continuously delivers clean-burning ethanol for a constant flickering flame, which you can turn on and off with a remote control – now that’s slick! Create a luxurious living room, a dreamy den, or heat up your boudoir with this stunning centerpiece. Check out these architectural fireplaces at Digifire.



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