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Pedestal Fireplace – smokeless eco-friendly fireplaces Orbiter by Digifire

Taking the traditional fireplace to a new level of cool, the Orbiter pedestal fireplace by Digifire will have you spinning in circles! This modern smokeless fireplace features a circular stainless steel frame which cradles the flame at the center, and is enclosed by two sheets of tempered glass providing both beauty and safety. The base and pedestal are made of polished granite, lending the fireplace a luxurious look. But the best is yet to come – the smokeless fire burns on ethanol, offering an eco-friendly fireplace option for your foyer, living room, library, bedroom or all of the above – the pedestal can be moved so you can enjoy Orbiter virtually anywhere. Remote control operation literally puts the flame at your fingertips, and you can ignite, regulate and extinguish the flame with the simple push of a button. Check out these stylish eco-friendly fireplaces at Digifire.



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