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Motorized Kitchen from Binova – Anima concept kitchen

[New Concept]
Binova Anima Kitchen in closed position
Binova Anima Kitchen in open position
A concept kitchen design by Emanuel Gargano and Marco Fagioli, the Anima kitchen draws inspirations from places such as craftsmen and mechanical workshops. The large central body contains a motorized integrated cabinet that can be lifted up showing all the utensils used in the preparation, cooking and washing of food, as if it were a blacksmith’s or carpenter’s bench. The double-sided motorized cabinet can house, within a single space, not only kitchen utensils but also elements used in living areas such as monitors, DVD/CD players and a mobile bar.
A vertical beveled edge on each door serves as a cabinet handle, providing for a clean unobstructed front view. The big kitchen worktop is again a continuous, functional strip, a light, decisive sign of a formal, rigorous operation creating a large working area. To learn more about the Anima concept kitchen design, visit Binova

Binova Anima Kitchen located along the wall allows for motorized action


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