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Prima AV Kitchen from Binova – sliding doors system enables two-sided design

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Binova Prima AV kitchen with sliding doors system
Designed by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi, the Prima AV “avant-garde” kitchen from Binova continues its exploration of the relationship between kitchen and living area. Prima AV once again transforms the international kitchen system, interpreting once more the relationship between operational and functional space and the area set aside for dialogue and communication – the kitchen moves away from the walls, opening itself up to the other rooms producing a new relationship with space. From top to bottom, the new architecture highlights a virtual boundary that hides or reveals what is happening beyond. The wall units are dropped from the ceiling and are being accessible on two sides, symmetrically or asymmetrically, and can be dynamically changed thanks to the sliding doors system. The base units repeat this dual outlook where the front mingles with the back. The steel worktop opens up to transform itself from a closed material volume to a container for utensils, with suspended drawers. The door handles appear to be totally integrated with the vertical surfaces, reacting when touched in order to offer a easy access, without totally disappearing. “The electrical appliances explore the water-based activities in an organized and changing space where they wash, dip, drain and drip. Also the new exhaust hoods are increasingly camouflaged and integrated or are made into an explicitly focal point.” Binova
Binova Prima AV kitchen - cabinets
Binova Prima AV kitchen - exhaust hood

Binova Prima AV kitchen white


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