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Modern Bar Design Idea by Felipe Assadi

el tubo bar 4 Modern Bar Design Idea by Felipe Assadi
This amazing modern bar design in Lima, Peru features a number of unique and totally unconventional elements that really make it stand out. Chilean architect Felipe Assadi’s design, El Tubo occupies one of Lima’s historical sites – an abandoned building, circa 1820. Here, old meets new in what is now an elegant, ultra modern space. The tube-shaped structure for which the bar is named features modern rounded corners, and has been drilled with holes to allow a gentle violet light to permeate the space. Inside, this long funky volume houses everything abstract – a simple, clean-lined, white bar complemented by minimal bar stools and chairs. Overhead, a collection of contemporary lighting fixtures is a sculptural, artistic addition, creating a stunning focal point. Underfoot, loose gravel makes an ultra-chic and unexpected natural statement. Mimic the design at home, or draw from the architect’s ideas to create your own stunning entertaining space at home, or simply contact Felipe Assadi.
el tubo bar 1 Modern Bar Design Idea by Felipe Assadi




One thought on “Modern Bar Design Idea by Felipe Assadi

  1. I loved this Bar Idea’s. Very Attractive. I am trying to open Authentic Pizza place with a nice Bar. Love to have a Design like this. How can I have it done?

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