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Trending Outdoor Bar Ideas to Try Today

Outdoor bars have become the latest craze among homeowners. Not only are they great for entertaining guests, but they take your home from ordinary to tropical paradise almost instantly. The key is creating the perfect outdoor bar that works for you and your home. The more person the bar is the better as it will allow you to have a space that feels like a vacation within your home. Subsequently here are the trending outdoor bar ideas you should try at home today.

Bright Outdoor Bar Furniture

There is something very elegant about having a light colored bar. It brings a sense of upscale to the outdoor space along with a resort feel. The resort feel is always good when you want to create a soothing space that is specifically tailored to you and your family members.

The great part about having an outdoor bar in your home is that you can customize it to your specific liking. That is when bright outdoor bar furniture will come in handy. Light and bright colors add to the elegance of having an outdoor bar. This is something very captivating about having an outdoor bar that stands out from the rest of your outdoor décor.

Bar Stools

Red bright stools add a bold, punch of color to any outdoor bar decor you may currently have. Even if you have a darker bar area the red or any other vibrant color will give a modern twist to your bar space. Consider them the punch of color your outdoor bar is in dear need of.

Bar stools are the perfect touch for your outdoor bar. They add a real sense of being elsewhere when you really are just enjoying a cocktail or two in your own backyard. Choose stools with color to add to your outdoor bar space. The colorful addition will enhance any neutral hues you already have.

Modern Technology

When it comes to adding technology to your outdoor bar you can even add a sound system to create the ultimate entertainment system right in your backyard. Adding technology will only help enhance your outdoor experience so much so that you will want to spend more time outside than indoors.

Technology is everywhere, so much so that now you can even add it to your outdoor bar space. In fact, you can custom create your very own outdoor bar and include any item you personally would love to have. With a touch of technology, you can even add a modern grill right to your bar creating the ultimate two in one space.

Extra Lighting

Adding lights to your outdoor bar is quite easy the idea is to create a cozy atmosphere that attracts you and makes you want to spend more time in your outdoor space. It will also cause you to want to invite guests over to your house more frequently. Consider adding light fixtures of different sizes for an upscale look. 

When it comes to outdoor lighting there is no such thing as too much. It is very much on trend to add extra lighting to your outdoor bar. If you want to take this trend a step further add colorful lighting instead. A bold, colorful lighting addition can provide your bar with a second dimension of beauty and let’s not forget a cool effect as well.

Resort Vibes

Using natural elements to create your bar and placing it near your pool brings the resort directly to your backyard. To give it a more resort feel add dark stools this will give you the contrast you want from a light tone wooden bar. Let’s not forget by having your outdoor bar part close to your pool you are able to create your favorite drink and step right into the pool with it. 

Take your outdoor space and make it into the ultimate vacation space by having a natural bar near your pool. You want to keep your bar as natural as possible. In fact, you may want to use natural materials such as wood, granite, slate, and/or stone. This will give you that natural resort feel right in your backyard.

Indoor Outdoor Bar

This idea is very modern as it involves having an outdoor space become indoors as well. Although it is very modern it is also very convenient. You can always have a drink or a snack in your outdoor space while still being indoors. It’s multitasking to the maximum capacity.

This is one of those trends that can actually become quite useful. Having an indoor bar that extends outdoors as well. This can be done by having a large window that doubles as a bar table when it is needed. Think of this as the ultimate multitasking element in your home. You can sit outside and enjoy the view while you have a cocktail or you can sit inside and enjoy the same view as well.

Entertainment Center

Combing your bar with a seating area that can double up as an entertainment space is always a good idea as it gives your guests more space to sit and speak to one another. It is also a great way to interact with your guests when you are behind the bar creating your favorite drink. 

Instead of just having your outdoor bar consider having an entire entertainment center. This is done by combining your outdoor bar with a seating area. You may even want to include a fire pit to add warmth and complete the entire look.


Marble also works very well with stone. Therefore, if you do not want to have a fully marble outdoor bar add stone pieces to it to create a balance between your marble pieces and the stone areas. Doing so will give your outdoor space a rustic feel that is difficult to miss.

When you decide how to create your outdoor bar you may be thinking of what may be the ultimate material to create it in. The answer is simple marble. Marble is extremely trendy this season. In fact, we suggest making the entire bar in a marble. Use light color seating to enhance the uniqueness of the marble. Remember, no two pieces of marble are ever the same.

Different Seating 

Instead of having traditional seats why not have swings instead? This is a very modern take on an island classic. It is the perfect way to bring a fun take to your bar space. This will become a fun space for family and friends to enjoy. Make the bright and colorful for a fun twist.

Your outdoor bar can also multiply as a multiple seating area. We are seeing more comfortable chairs becoming part of the outdoor bar scenery. In fact, we have even noticed multiple different types of chairs surrounding the bar including stools, cushion stools, and even patio chairs as part of the space.

Water Bar

There is nothing like being able to swim up to the bar while you are swimming. This will make swimming a whole lot of fun. It also gives you a sitting area that is underwater. This is the perfect addition to any home in the summer. Add a grill to complete the entire resort feel.

In water, bars are the IT item to have in your backyard. They bring the resort directly to you. They are also fun to have as you can be inside of your pool and also sitting at your bar. It works as a multiple functional entertainment space.

Outdoor bars are the ultimate entertainment addition to any home. Which of these trendy bar ideas are you willing to try in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


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