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Alfresco Home with Rustic Wood Interiors

This alfresco California house by Minarc makes the most of its surroundings with an indoor / outdoor design and the extensive use of natural wood, strengthening its connection to the land. Glass walls slide open to transform interiors into outdoor living rooms that are fresh, bright and airy. The kitchen and dining areas overlooks the deck; living rooms enjoy floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glass; the master bedroom offers a walk-out to the pool. In fact, the house was designed such that every interior space enjoys outdoor entertaining areas, making the most of this stunning scenery and heavenly climate. But there’s another, deeper connection to nature – this eco house design was made to also maximize natural light, solar power, and natural crosswinds for ventilation. Here’s the tour.

alfresco california home with rustic wood ceilings 1 thumb autox922 34189 Alfresco Home with Rustic Wood Interiors

alfresco california home with rustic wood ceilings 2 thumb autox958 34191 Alfresco Home with Rustic Wood Interiors

A wood-wrapped entryway hints at the timber-chic interiors. You’ll catch glimpses of them through the expansive glazed walls, but you don’t really get a sense of its warmth and earthiness until you’re enveloped by it. Come on in…


Interiors are a wonderful combination of contemporary-cool and warm, rustic wood. This rich, beautifully flawed material dresses the floors, ceilings and walls, complemented by casual furnishings and contrasted by ultra white walls and modern touches, achieving a brilliant balance.


When nature does such a beautiful job of design, why mess with it??


A wood walkway leads to a set of folded metal stairs rising over a bed of river rocks. The glass walls invite garden views inside. How’s that for bringing the outdoors in?


The bathroom boasts a tropical warmth, with natural timber underfoot and clerestory windows overhead flooding the space with sunlight. The rain shower head is a nice touch.


Wood isn’t relegated to just the floors and furniture; this bathroom features a stunning carved wood sink and countertop made from a solid block. The natural grain leads your eye along the lines and curves of this artfully crafted vessel. The organically shaped wood mirror frame is the perfect complement.


The deck-line wood floors inside echo the wood decks outdoors which welcome lounging around the swimming pool.


The master bedroom boasts its own private piece of the outdoors, with the deck, pool and garden accessible through sliding glass wall. Dreamy!
Floor plans:


photo credit: Art Gray



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