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Air Tables by Lago Feature the Soul of Wood

When Daniele Lago designed the Air Table, he wanted to create a table that focused on the beauty of old wood while still keeping the table light, contemporary and beautiful. He did this by first custom milling large dimensional lumber that was then bookmatched, glued and clamped together. Keeping the focus on the idiosyncrasies within the wood graining, Daniele paired the tabletop with clear tempered glass panels as a base. The glass panels disappear from view, the tabletop appears to float and the focus remains engrained (pun intended) on the textural planes of the wood itself allowing the soul of the wood to soar.

The Air Table is light and heavy, transparent and solid, smooth and textured, warm and cold, man made and natural. It is, another wards a study in contrasts and it is these juxtapositions that bring the heart and soul of the piece into the foreground. This is truly a table that families, friends and coworkers can gather around and enjoy good food, good times, and of course good design.
Built with the same principles as the Air Table, and boasting the same extra-clear 1.2cm wide glass legs, the Air_Wildwood table is still quite different in its construction method. Here, 8cm high Box Construction with mitred corners creates each Oak section that is then splined together, allowing this table to be finished into 14 different incredible lengths in either a natural, grey or dark wildwood finish. At each end of the table a void is left to expose the “heart and soul” of the wood top and at the back of the void is a fitted piece of clear or coloured glass that either exposes the inner cavity of the tabletop or dazzles the viewer with one of the 31 colours of polished glass available. This table is truly unique and it took 22 prototypes before coming up with this final design. It takes 12 hours and 5 artisans to create each table and it shows. This table is incredibly stunning.
Air Tables by Lago


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