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Air Bathtub from Ideal Standard – new Soft Airpool tub is an ingenious bathing solution

Ideal Standard Soft air bathtub
The Soft air bathtub from Ideal Standard has a supple, smooth quality that is all at once so obvious, yet so unusual to find. Most bathtubs are hard and unyielding – hardly ideal characteristics to best promote relaxation! The Soft bathtub is different. It is crafted of a soft, touchable material with an internal structure of polyurethane foam coated polyester. The outside finish is uncompromised – a gorgeous wenge covers the base and back. An ergonomic form, the oval tub is so easy to sink into, with no integrated taps to get in the way, and the slightly higher edged side is a natural backrest. The Soft’s Airpool system consists of 14 individual jets to inject massaging bubbles into the water, to wash away cares of the day. Find out more about the lovely Soft air bathtub, contact Ideal Standard.
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Ideal Standard Soft tub Airpool system comes with 14 jets
Ideal Standard Soft bathtub with a free-standing tub filler


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