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Ideal Standard Bathtub – Moments bathtub with pull-out drawers or illuminated front panel

Lit by inspiration, the Moments Ideal Standard bathtub is soft-edged and sympathetic to any modern bathroom interior. The Ideal Standard contemporary bathtub comes with an illuminated front panel – which is simply ideal for times spent unwinding with the gentle glow for company. A striking and unusual detail, the Moments bathtub’s illuminated panel pushes the boundaries of design. The bathtub is unfettered by protruding faucets – these are to be located on the wall behind the tub, or installed at the side so as not to interfere with bathing pleasure. A further nod to thoughtful practicality, the tub can be complete with a convenient pull-out drawer for bathing necessities at either end. These drawers further slide open to reveal more storage capabilities. The Moments bathtub from Ideal Standard is oasis of serenity for your home.


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