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Adaptable LOOL Sofa by Michele Franzina and VHD

This adaptable sofa, designed by Michele Franzina and VHD for Italy’s aptly-named Design You Edit, morphs into many different shapes and configurations. There will be no getting tired of this sofa, you can always change it! The quilting is done in the centuries-old Italian capitonnè style – all by hand with exquisite attention to detail. Repositioning the backrest, the armrest and the accessories is a breeze and it gives you an entirely new perspective. You can mix and match different shapes and sizes, even colors if you so choose (the LOOL comes in green and brown). But the real mixing it up comes from the plug-in pieces that fit anywhere there’s a tuft. The LOOL sofa is also available in fabric, but once again we find ourselves opting for the leather. It’s much easier to maintain, true, but also this leather is so soft and inviting looking. The whole look is something of a throw-back to the 60s with its tear drop shape, but manages to be modern at the same time. How would you configure your LOOL sofa?

The quilting is all done in Italian capitonnè – a master craftsman style.
You can add your accessories wherever makes the most sense for you.


The LOOL sofa is available in green or brown, leather or fabric.
More information: Design You Edit


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