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Accademia Bathtubs by Teuco are Strikingly Beautiful Art Forms

Teuco has created a line of bathtubs that push the versatility of Duralight beyond its previous limits to create silhouettes that are both modern and classic. The clean lines offer a simplicity that is strikingly beautiful with the tapered legs and softly angled sides for an overall effect of minimalist magnificence.

The geometric stripes of the Pop Limited Edition Accademia Bathtub layer a sophisticated expression into the tub that combines classic aesthetics with post-modern dynamics, creating a unique design that is the ultimate merger between technology and art.
“Luxury means making come true today something that we could until yesterday have considered impossible”. With this stunning combination of neoclassic references and contemporary imagery, luxury definitely defines the Pop Limited Edition Accademia Bathtub.

Whether patterned or solid colours the Accademia Bathtubs are setting a new styling standard that embraces both craftsmanship and artistic expression.
Pop Limited Edition Accademia Bathtubs by Teuco
via deco NICHE


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