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A playful design for a child at heart and his robots

We love the contemporary style and simple, bold form of this modern house designed by Moon Hoon. The irregular site called for an unusual house design, and these forward-thinking architects came through with this stylistically minimalist, geometrically elaborate house here in Daejeon, South Korea. This unpopulated location called for a bold, standout design that dominated its surroundings. The house enjoys a picturesque location right on the edge of Bang Dong Lake – a hot spot for sightseeing and leisurely pursuits, with the lake at its feet and low mountain looming in the background.

modern geometric house with surprising spiral stair interiors 1 thumb 630x428 13886 A playful design for a child at heart and his robots

modern geometric house with surprising spiral stair interiors 2 thumb 630x869 13888 A playful design for a child at heart and his robots

“I am a playful architect. I have met the right client, who has kept his child-mind intact…The design went through two alternatives – one [with] each floor stacked and rotating, the other [consisting of] a box with small broken floors moving up in a spiral. Both had its ups and downs,” explains the architect. Opting for the multi-level design, the house was designed with a central core and a gallery space where the homeowner, an avid collector, could put his miniature robots and figures on display.


The home’s asymmetrical shape is perfectly complemented by a pattern of repeating lines encircling a pieced-together window at the center. Each facade features a different silhouette.


The white silhouette features a screaming red corner at its base – an apt entrance into this unusual architectural design.


The red entryway seems to suck you in, if not for its hot hue then with its oddly alluring sense of mystery.


And what lies beyond is an equally intriguing interior featuring floor-to-ceiling shelving where the homeowner’s collections are proudly on display.


The simplicity of decor, the minimalist style really puts the home’s interesting architectural details into the forefront.


The home’s layout is almost like a vertical hallway, featuring narrow connected rooms and living spaces arranged along the home’s large landings and working their way upward.


From the architect: “The spiral and jagged floor levels follow the spiral stair case all the way up to the attic, where you can find a small red slide that traverses the void. The exterior expresses the inner spiral energy in a simplified form.”


This self-proclaimed “playful” designer incorporated this fun, bright-red element that brings out the kid at heart with its toy house-like appeal.




Living spaces take their place winding around this central showcase.


The exterior walls boast large windows that give interiors plenty of natural light and openness.


But perhaps one of the best views offered by the house is the one from the bottom. Looking up, you really get an appreciation for the form of this artistic display.


Here the some floor plans to explain the complex yet highly efficient vertical layout of the house:


Moon Hoon



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