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A Place to Meet: Interior Design Inspiration from Eldridge Smerin Architects

Do you dream of a living space entirely free of distractions? This inspired interior design from Eldridge Smerin Architects is totally free from unnecessary complications. The Zen-like simplicity will grow on you, as you focus only on the most important thing: the people around you. In this calming environment the cluster of comfortable chairs (in a startling contemporary yellow!) adds intimacy. Stark white walls appear gentler by placing the small windows low down, and adding a commercial light to illuminate the top part of the room. Following the wooden slatted pathway through the pebbled floor serves to symbolically transport you to a different place, with a different focus. An out-of-the-ordinary approach by Eldridge Smerin Architects that cleverly manages to be both challenging and cozy – and a perfect place to make plans…


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