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Modern Glass House in London Overlooking Historic Victorian Cemetery

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses – those fortunate folks get the best view. In the case of this magnificent, modern glass house by London-based architects Eldridge Smerin, the view is a peaceful one of the historic Victorian-era Highgate Cemetery in London, UK. Notable of this unique, contemporary design is the home’s two contrasting faced. The glazed facade of the house facing towards the cemetery allows light to spill into every corner inside; while the street side of the home boasts a combination black granite, glass and steel. The design is also distinctive for the architect’s innovative incorporation of the outdoors into indoor spaces, the expansive windows being the most obvious. As one passes through the house, the ceiling opens up to reveal an open sky above the top-floor kitchen which is covered with a sliding glass skylight. Below, in the home’s four storeys, spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and gracious entertaining areas are the mark of a truly grand home. The outdoors make their way in through multiple balconies. Individual interior living areas are united through the glass floors, wall panels and frameless doors. Eldridge Smerin
via Dezeen



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