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Old London home gets a fresh glass addition

A 19th century brick building is home to this contemporary glass addition here in a Georgian area of East London, UK, designed by David Mikhail Architects. The historic-style structure was restored to its original glory and given a modern glass wing, blending both styles into one unique design. In addition, the expansive glazing also serves to connect the house to nature – a wonderful element in this urban dwelling.

The new addition consists of a glazed kitchen and dining room at the rear – a bright, contemporary complement to the traditional brick facade. From the architects: “Originally divided into a house and two basement flats, the single dwelling has been reconnected through extensive remodeling, rear excavation, and extension. The newly created kitchen and family rooms now open onto a landscaped garden of brick walls and terraces. A simple palette using white brick with grey lime mortar unify the indoor and outdoor spaces whilst white oiled Siberian Larch cladding, doors and floors combine with a bronze staircase to give warmth and intimacy.”
This wood-framed glazed volume features a double-height area lining the windows, flooding interiors with natural light and views of the garden and sitting area outside. The stepped, sunken garden offers a contemporary focal point to interiors, while bringing some privacy to this glass box.

Wood stairs lead you up, past the wood ceiling and into the upper-level loft library. This open area is lined with a railing that leaves sight lines open to the living areas below.
Book-lined, built-in wood shelves spill onto the ceiling in the form of exposed wood beams – a warm feature that’s visible from the living area below. The glass wall extends up into this book nook, which makes a great escape while still maintaining its connection to the lower level.
Also open to the living/dining area, the kitchen echoes the white brick of the garden, lending a contemporary edge in tune with the overall style of the space. The wood ceiling brings a warm, intimate aesthetic.

Opposite the glass wall, a sliver of ceiling disappears, letting natural light spill down from the bright upper level.


White brick, wood and glass, these materials were chosen to bring a fresh flair to the structure while still corresponding to its historic elements.
This foyer features a central staircase that leads up to the private areas of this house, as well as two descending stairways leading down. Natural light flows throughout.

Simple furnishings leave the focus on the architecture, which includes beautiful moldings, arching doorways, and wall details that lend luxury to every room. And there is more to this space than meets the eye…

… A pivoting wall opens onto another room – a secret getaway.
We love the simple style of this versatile room, which could be an office, a bedroom, or a display space for ultra-modern furnishings, lighting and collection of contemporary artwork, as seen here.

From outside, this new glazed area lets you visually explore without ever setting foot inside, and vice versa. The barely there glass walls blur the boundary between indoors and out, extending living areas out into the garden and beyond.

A lovely water feature brings an aquatic element to this lush, leafy garden.
At night, the illuminated addition instantly grabs your attention with its warm glow.
A large deck enclosed in low, white brick walls is artfully illuminated and styled in tune with the clean, contemporary interiors. Whether enjoying a cool drink and a hot read, or hosting a lively soiree for family and friends, this spacious patio area is an instant hot spot.
Basement floor plan:
Ground floor plan:
First floor plan:
Second floor plan:
Third floor plan:
Cross section:
Rear elevation:
David Mikhail Architects
via Dezeen
photo credit: Tim Crocker


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