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New Bathtub Shape from Glass Idromassaggio – ergonomic Linea 180 bathtub

Glass Idromassaggio Linea 180 bathtub has an unusual shape
The unique shape of the Linea 180 Bathtub from Glass Idromassaggio is a feature to be enjoyed in your daily routine. If bathing is a sacred ritual for you, this fantastic bathtub is sure to appeal to your emotions. Its roomy interior space is shaped to fit your body, and the great ergonomic design continues outside with agreeable contours. The Linea 180 bathtub is an entirely modern acrylic bathtub of generous dimensions, a rectangular 180 x 80/90 x 61h. An optional headrest is also available in comfortable Technogel®, which is entirely water resistant. Once in the tub, you will benefit from 7 hydromassage jets, extra jets positioned for back and foot massage, and an incredible 14 airpool jets, all controlled by a handy panel at your side. For more information about the new Linea 180 Bathtub, contact Glass Idromassaggio.
Glass Idromassaggio Linea 180 bathtub touch control


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