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8 Trendy Modern Pendant Lamps

We wanted to shed some light on the year’s latest lighting trend – bold shapes and big colors. When combined, these strong design elements create a stunning statement piece. Here are 8 amazing pendants to dress up your ceiling and creating a fabulous focal point overhead. Whether they catch your eye with their interesting shapes, vibrant colors, or their innovative sources of inspiration, these light fixtures are in our spotlight!

Dressed to impress
The Veli pendant lamp from Italian lighting company Slamp, designed by Adriano Rachele, is an amazing, illuminated ruffle dressing your home from above. It’s diffuser is made of frilled Opalflex finished in all white or with a dramatic dark edge to highlight its elaborate shape. Available in two sizes, this suspended ceiling lamp illuminates the drama in your space.
Going with the grain
The Wood pendant lamp from Slamp, created by designer Luca Mazza, features a clean, streamlined cylindrical shape that’s adorned with an organic woody grain in a range of vibrant, trendy hues. This lamp is made of Cristalflex and wood, which lends it this unusual, earthy yet contemporary aesthetic. Choose from a natural honey-colored hue, minimalist white, or splash up your room from up above with this lamp in an electric blue or regal purple, all translucent to highlight the grainy pattern from the inside out.
Contemporary twist on a classic
The Drop Downlight from Alma Light is an artful interpretation of the classic light bulb. The concept of a bare glass bulb suspended from the ceiling gets a modernistic makeover with this clear-glass fixture that features a lovely pregnant-pear shape – large yet light. The polished chrome hardware shines like jewelry, reflecting colors and objects from its surroundings. Also available with a long suspension element.
Beam of light
Beam by Zero lighting is aptly named for its lighting effect rather than its shape or style. On first sight, this cool light fixture features a cylindrical shade made of aluminum and painted in this pop-y red hue. The adjustable pivoting shades can be angled to focus the light where desired, hence the name, “Beam.” When lit, these lamps cast a focused beam of light toward your reading chair or desktop, highlighting your favorite painting or sculpture, shining on your favorite collections on display. Or turn these trendy lamps into a display all on their own, affixed in groups and angled in a pleasing pattern.
Sights and smells
Not only does the O! Lamp from Martinelli Luce illuminate your home, it also infuses it with its signature scent. This one-of-a-kind light by DesignLab features a yellow silicone globe suspended from a black fixture, and when turned on, it’s a treat not just for your sense of sight but for your sense of smell too! Suspend these ultra-modern pendants above a table or along the bar for a gentle diffused glow.
Dramatic light
The Spinning Light BH2 by & Tradition is the dark, dramatic damme, ready to seduce your sense of style. This pendant features feminine curves and a glossy lacquered finish, and comes with a 3 meter chord, so you can hang her low for all to admire. Also available in white, and purple.
Playful characters
The Mhy pendant lamp from Muuto is a sculptural light fixture inspired by cartoon characters, adding a playful element to any room. The pendant features an unusual graduated silhouette that goes from narrow to wide brim, casting a wide light on the space below. The lamp is finished with a vibrant colored exterior – available in yellow, purple, green, white and black lacquered shade – with a bright white interior that seems to amplify the light it emits. This small-scale light pendant lets you hang it solo or in groups without overwhelming your space.
Mai oh my!
The Mai pendant from Euro lighting company Lucente makes a modern statement with its wide shade and rich glossy hues. You can’t go wrong with this classic palette of red, black or white exteriors with glossy white interiors, or opt for something a little more spicy with a minimalist white exterior with a vibrant orange interior – Mai es muy caliente! Choose from a suspended or a ceiling lamp design.


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