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5 Fabulous Rustic Wood Slab Coffee Tables

Coffee tables made of wood slabs are a wonderful way to introduce a rustic warm quality to your living room that only wood furniture can accomplish. The great thing about wood slab coffee tables is that, often times, the slab has been salvaged or recycled, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Additionally, if you can get your own hands on a nice wood chunk or slab, you can easily turn it into a DIY wood coffee table project. The concept of these coffee tables is quite simple, especially when the wood is left as close to its natural form as possible. Essentially, that’s what gives them their unique, rustic charm. But if you are not in the DIY mood, fret not. Here’s a fabulous roundup of 5 rustic wood slab coffee tables:
Made of American hardwood, this three sided Folded Bole Coffee Table has a lot of personality. We love that the designer carefully cut and matched the grain of the pieces so that you get this continuous pattern flow over the whole surface. Made by North Carolina-based Brand Mojo Interiors. They also make custom pieces.

The recycled wood Timelines table is just one of the many great furniture pieces created by Washington-based Grey Design Studio. Made from sustainably harvested, wind fallen lumber, this table is a beauty. Chunky yet sleek, it can adapt to many styles.
The Bolacha Coffee Table is made of a reclaimed slab that shows off the glorious Tamburiuva wood grain. Set on sleek polished aluminum base, it makes for a great contemporary piece. Made by Rosten Furniture, located in Florida.
The interesting Stitch Coffee Table uses a wooden slab with a naturally occurring split. The split makes the table unique and is joined by four recycled plastic “stitches”. A great conversation piece, this table is made by New York-based Uhuru Design.
The Madrone Coffee Table was produced from a salvaged tree by Washington-based Urban Hardwoods. It exudes a warm yet refined appeal. The metal hairpin legs give the table a modern, slightly industrial twist that complements the rustic quality of the wooden slab.


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