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3 Whimsical Doors Drawers and Cubby Creations by Karhard Architektur


Pretty in Pink
This closet-in-a-closet is a fun and whimsical way to create a personalized storage space for the child in your life. While this particular unit features pink doors it could easily be green, purple or orange. The curvy doors are retrofitted to a pre-existing cabinet and the small dresser and shelves are also post fitted into the wardrobe. What child wouldn’t want one of these in their bedroom?


The dresser features cut out hand pulls on all the drawers except one.


With drawers and shelves on one side and a double row to hang clothes on the other side, this curvaceous closet is both pretty in pink and super functional.


A Door in a Door for the Elephant on the Floor
I can think of two great uses for this door in a door concept. First is the obvious. Creating a fun way for a young child to go to and fro from their room and the second is to use it as a doggy door. I know my two Golden Retrievers would make great use of this door – although I think they would prefer a doggy handle to the elephant handle.


The elephant handle is a great way to define this door as “child’s play”. To have their own door in a door to their bedroom will make your child the envy of the neighbourhood.


Kids Custom Cubby Corner
The whimsy of Berlin based Karhard Architektur is not limited to doors and closets. Here they have recreated a bedroom corner with a private cubby complete with drapes and storage. Of course, they have still managed to incorporate a small closet on the end wall of this cubby as well as an open niche above the closet.


The cubby is built around an window and is therefore flooded with natural light. A foam mattress covers the space for comfort and makes it a great place for an afternoon nap. Drawers located beneath the cubby maximize storage for the bedroom.


There is even a wall niche inside the cubby for keeping things within easy reach.


The flat grain of the softwood veneer creates an organic pattern that offers a concept of hiding in a tree house that is reinforced by the large tree located just outside the window.
Karhard Architektur
via Desire To Inspire


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