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An Upgrade for a 1980s Home in Sunny Sao Paulo

When it comes to design a home that harnesses the gorgeous outdoors surrounding the building, Sao Paulo, Brazil is an ideal place to be. Studio Arthur Casas renovated this vintage 1980s home for an older couple whose adult children moved into their own homes and, in the process, established a unique vintage nouveau aesthetic that’s very characteristic of the area.

Geometric table and main living space An Upgrade for a 1980s Home in Sunny Sao Paulo

Aerial view of geometric table An Upgrade for a 1980s Home in Sunny Sao Paulo

View from the living space into the dining room

Firstly, designers opened up the plot and floor plan of the home, giving it good light and airflow throughout. Even simple design elements, like choosing not to enclose the artistic staircase leading to the second floor, make a difference when it comes to spacing and the continuum of style throughout the home.

Artistic open wooden staircase

View from under the artistic staircase

The colour scheme is also important here. The calming combination of taupe and olive tones preserves an 80s feel that modern décor doesn’t often incorporate. At the same time, geometric furniture choices in the larger living spaces pulls the overall style into a more modernized state, which is fitting given the unique curving shape of the building on the outside.

Geometric furntiure and olive colour scheme

Unique home shape

Moving upstairs, the open-aired structure continues, creating an awesome balcony effect that overlooks the central living room. A family den with a TV and cushioned bench style seating presents a cozy area. We’re particularly big fans of the artistic way designers included personal details in the form of old family photos here. Instead of surrounding the entertainment system with a shelving unit like many designers have before, these ones opted for a collage of large framed prints that span the entirety of the wall.

Entertainment system and photo display.

View of open upstairs loft from downstairs

Wide view of upstairs balcony

Outside the home, the neutral colour scheme that keeps a vintage sense about things continues in the stain of the wooden deck area and the shade of lounge chairs that have been set out for guests. The pool, however, extends beyond the length of the deck and wooden patio area to frame the side of the house in a way that speaks more to modern water gardens and ponds than regular lounge pools of the 80s.

Outdoor wooden patio and pool

Wooden outdoor patio at night

Main entrance with double doors and marble flooring

Overall, designers took the idea of an “open concept layout” to a new level in this old home, right from the double front doors to the disappearing glass wall at the back of the house leading out to the patio. At the same time, they managed to both update and preserve the stylistic 80s charm, giving the couple a fresh start without erasing the family history they’d built there for decades!

Which element of this stylish renovation do you like best? Tell us in the comments section!



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