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10 Ottomans You Didn’t Know You Needed Until Now

Ottomans have never really been considered staple furniture items. However, in our opinion very few furniture essentials can compete with an ottoman because of their versatility. You can use them as extra seating, a stylish accessory and even for added storage. In essence, it is an excellent addition to any living space. Plus, did we mention they are quite comfortable!

At the end of a long day, all you really want to do is put your feet up and relax or the rest of the night. A good ottoman can help you do just that. Here are 10 ottomans you didn’t know you needed in your living space until now.

Add an Unexpected Edge

Add an Unexpected Edge 900x675 10 Ottomans You Didnt Know You Needed Until Now
Place your ottomans in the middle of the room diagnially to create dimension

In a living space with an all-white décor theme having one or more ottomans in a bold color or texture can add the edge you seek. For a bold look that is also subtle at the same time, consider metallic tones that will add texture and edge without adding a different color palette to your décor.

Faux Fur Addition

Faux Fur Addition 900x675 10 Ottomans You Didnt Know You Needed Until Now
These can be placed in a bedroom, living room or even as stools in your dining table to add texture to the space

Many decorative items come in faux fur and ottomans are not staying behind. In fact, adding a faux fur ottoman may be just what you need to add texture to your living space. They add a soft and cozy addition to your décor. Your guests will be eager to sit on these as they feel even better than they look.

The Multitasking Table

A textured ottoman is a great way to bring a focal point to your living room it is also functional and reliable every time 

The versatility of an ottoman is pretty much endless. As stated above, they’re versatile enough to be used for multiple different purposes. In fact, they can even be used as a table. If you are looking for a center table for your home, having a large ottoman could be just what you need. It’s a function piece that looks great when it’s being used and when it is not.

Bedside Seating

Choose matching ottomans that have detailing to add little extra to the bedroom in a subtle manner

Whether the size of your room is big or small having extra seating is always a great idea. Furthermore, adding extra seating can make your bedroom appear large and even give it a hint of elegance. Add two plush ottomans to the edge of your bed to instantly upgrade the look and feel of your room.

Simple and Oversized

A large ottoman in the center of a room will make the room appear smaller. Therefore, select a textured ottoman to decrease this effect

Adding an oversized piece of furniture to your décor may be all you need to tie it all together. However, when considering a large furniture piece, you want a simple piece. The reason being a large statement piece will always become the center of attention in a room. If the piece is oversized and textured it will take away from the other furniture items you have.

A simple and oversized ottoman in the center of your living room is perfect for lounging and creating a focal point in your living room.

Two is Better than One

Add an intense pop of color with your ottoman when you choose a contrasting color from the ones using in your bedroom decor.

Why have one ottoman that matches your décor when you can have two? Two identical ottomans work great in any space that needs furniture items to balance the theme out. It is also an excellent way to add pops of color or texture that can brighten up the space.

Outdoor and Waterproof

Outdoor ottomans can come in multiple different colors that brighten up your space

Ottomans are not only for your indoor space they can actually go outdoors as well. In fact, if you want to add extra seating and a comfortable new way to decorate your outdoor living space adding waterproof ottomans is the way to go. They are easy to carry around so your guests can sit anywhere they choose without having to carry heavy chairs with them.

Bold Color

Blue is an excellent color to incorporate into your decor as it is versatile enough for it to be paired with multiple other colors. Yet bold enough to bring intense color to a room.

Ottomans that come in a bold color are a perfect addition to any room. They enhance your décor while still adding rich, bold color. Therefore, instead of you adding different colorful pieces you can get two or more colorful ottomans that are multifunctional and versatile.


Upgrade your space with a funky new take on a traditional ottoman with something non-traditional like a suitcase

Looking for a quirky way to upgrade your space? If so, consider adding a non-traditional ottoman as your décor focal point. A non-traditional ottoman will upgrade your space by creating a funky twist on the décor you currently have. It is an easy way to add to your space while adding a bit of your personality into the décor mix.

Mix and Match

Colorful and patterned ottomans under a glass table are perfect for adding an eccentric look to your normal decor

We love the idea of having two identical ottomans. However, we also love the concept of mixing and matching differently patterned ottomans into one single space. There is something very eye-catching and modern about doing so. It gives you a modernized look with a traditional furniture piece.

Although ottomans have been around for numerous years they are now coming back on trend. What this means is there are various different ways they can be used. Please let us know below which ottoman you plan on incorporating into your current décor.



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