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Zazzeri Pop Faucet by Fabrizio Batoni Tracks Water Consumption


Fun, fearless and fabulous, the Zazzeri Pop Faucet incorporates a colour saturated silicone material within its spout that takes the seriousness out of tooth brushing or hand washing. What an awesome way to add personality to a vanity, even the handle can be chrome, brushed stainless steel, black or white. Take a cue from the faucet colour when choosing towels and accessories and leave the rest of your bathroom neutral - or not - its your choice.
As if the colour pops aren't enough of a reason to race out and by the Zazzeri Pop Faucet, it also has the added feature of being a sensitive design, which means it tracks water consumption, letting you know who leaves the tap running and who doesn't, making it a great environmental product as well.


The tangerine silicone and chrome base is the perfect choice for today's modern interiors. Tangerine is a great compliment to amber and copper with a hint of bright turquoise and deep plum, while the chrome can be extrapolated into your towel racks and toilet paper holder.


For an industrial aesthetic this grey on black Zazzeri Pop Faucet is primed for perfection. I'd love to see this faucet gracing a concrete counter.


When the sun sets on the ocean, just before it disappears the sky takes on a purplish hue and this grape on white Zazzeri Pop Faucet tap would be a perfect layer to create an evening on the ocean within your bathroom. Deep grey walls, lavender towels, bright white cabinetry, a few more pops of grape with some ocean blues layered in.

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Posted in Bathroom on 02-21-14 01:27