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Urban Wallpaper by Cole & Son


Forget flat paint! Give your walls a cool edge with this urban wallpaper by Cole & Son - the Fornasetti Collection. Bring your walls into the forefront with these bold new designs, sure to catch your eye like they did ours!

Our faves:
Mediterranea wallpaper design is a city scene, busy with buildings. There's so much to see, a close-up look keeps your eye moving while from a distance you will appreciate its picturesque pattern, available in black-and-white or brown-and black. Malachite is inspired by this natural stone, and translated into a graphic motif in contemporary black-and-white or go bold with a true malachite green-and-black, brown-and-black, grey or sand tones. Ex Libris is a cool library-inspired pattern of book spines, different sizes, straight and on an angle. Latin for "from the books," the Ex Libris wallpaper design is definitely one for the books!


Fornasetti has so many different looks, check out the whole urban wallpaper collection by visiting Cole & Son.