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Italian Alabaster Lamps and Alabaster Pendants by Cabelliluce


These Italian alabaster lamps and pendants by Cabelliluce have a great translucent quality that simply glows. The alabaster natural material features a soft palette of colors with opaque veins running through. When turned on, the interior illumination highlights the natural patterns. But taking design a step further, all lamps feature their unique subtleties. The Damasco, designed by Anzalone+Bistacchi features flat faces adorned with a laser-cut damask pattern. The Inari pendants by Marta Laudani and Marco Romanelli simply but beautifully showcase the veiny nature of this striking material. Micene offers yet another modern look, described by the company as a “sculpture of light” designed by Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere. These versatile yet cohesive designs would look great coordinated, or mix and match these floor lamps, table lamps and pendants. These artistic translucent alabaster lamps are made to amaze. For more information go to Cabelliluce.