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Digital vinyl wallcoverings for interior decoration from Glamora

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For walls that really wow, check out the new digital wall coverings from Glamora. Even designer Karim Rashid has put his trendy twist on this innovative interior design line, which offers a style to suit every taste. From Rashid's blazing colors and mesmerizing pattern from his Multiverse collection, to soft romantic florals, to exotic animal prints, to creative concepts like photographs tacked to a wall or stacked cut logs (a couple of our favorites!) these wall treatments transform your rooms into modern works of art. Not only are they beautiful, these wall coverings are also durable, resistant to daily wear and tear, fireproof, shock-proof and washable - withstanding whatever you can throw at them! - all while helping your walls look their very best for years to come. Furthermore, this collection is printed using water-based, low-VOC, odorless inks, adding an eco element to your sleek, chic interior designs. Choose from two textures: smooth Silk and rough Fibra, for a tactile, tantalizing wall treatment. To check out the full and fabulous line of designs available, visit Glamora.


"Wildwood" complements your contemporary space with the essence of nature.


"Hypnotic" features a soft, faded pattern with a wash of color blurring its lines and shapes.

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  • Views: 87

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