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Ceramic Photo Tiles and Photo Tile Murals by Okhyo


Digital printing on ceramic tile to create murals – it’s the latest generation of wall coverings. These ceramic photo tiles by Okhyo let you customize any space in your home. Choose from a catalogue of images, or use one of your own photos for a look that’s as unique as you are. What better way to capture the memory of your favorite holiday, an unforgettable city or a cherished moment than by translating it to a photo tile and putting it on display? Create a waterfall shower enclosure or bath; splash up your kitchen backsplash with some fruit that looks good enough to eat, or some stunning scenery; bring life to your living room with these unique, unusual ceramic photo tiles. It’s a great way to personalize your decor, and by choosing one of your own photos as the subject, you’re guaranteed a unique look, never to be duplicated. Check out these awesome photo tile murals Okhyo.