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Zaha Hadid Faucet by Triflow Concepts – not only stylish …

Inspired by the fluidity of water itself, the Zaha Hadid faucet from Triflow Concepts is a flowing, seamless faucet that stands out as a piece of art. Suitable for either your bathroom or kitchen, the Triflow tap by Zaha Hadid makes the spout, body and handle of the tap come together into a sculptural, functional item. But it’s not only stylish – there is an extra internal tube so that treated drinking water is delivered through a separate waterway, avoiding hot and cold tap water that could contaminate it. There is a handle tucked away to control the hot and cold water, whereas the drinking water is activated by touching an electric button with Triflow’s logo. In addition, the faucet boasts unique ceramic core representing the best of Triflow’s innovative approach to design and technology. Bring the Zaha Hadid faucet to your home… contact Triflow Concepts.



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