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Indoor Fountains by Spirit Elements – the Yosemite Falls wall fountain

The indoor fountain is the most amazing way to bring the outdoors inside. This is the Yosemite Falls Wall Fountain from Spirit Elements. The peaceful cascading waterfall and natural elements of the Yosemite Falls Fountain will make it a living art piece in your home. The calming properties of water movement will bring a new sense of peace to your busy lifestyle. It is constructed at 73″ high, 36″ wide and 6″ deep, to hang on the wall. Price is $2499. The multicolored slate tiles are complimented by a beautiful copper frame. The copper is protected to prevent the verde coloration that naturally develops over time. You can order this fountain from Spirit Elements now to take advantage of the free shipping and free powder coating option. Go to Spirit Elements to find other ways of incorporating Mother Nature into your home.


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