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Wall Fountain by Kinetic Fountains – the Aspen Falls’ water wonders

The Aspen Falls wall fountain can add serenity to your home – both inside and out!! This versatile pebbles wall fountain by Kinetic Fountains produces a soothing sound as water dispenses from the copper roof, rippling over a backsplash of slate and pebbles that has been composed in a curvy, organic pattern. The water pours into a beautiful copper basin at the base of the fountain, where a quiet adjustable-flow water pumps sends it back to the top to maintain a continuous flow. The visual effect is enhanced further as small, bright lights illuminate the textured backsplash, creating a shimmering sensation as the water runs over the stone. This fountain is 18-3/4″ wide x 6-1/2″ deep x 48″ high and comes with a clear powder coated finish that ensures durability. Kinetic Fountains


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