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Woven Wicker Small Sofa and Armchairs by Dolcefarniente

woven wicker small sofa armchairs dolcefarniente 1 thumb 630xauto 34217 Woven Wicker Small Sofa and Armchairs by Dolcefarniente

Texture me a colour story through the embracing silhouette of the Giada series. Made from interlacing wicker, the easy chairs, ottomans and small sofa are a visceral treat of saturated colours, the only real choice being which colour to get. The soft, padded and form fitted cushions are just the perfect density for sitting on, while the continuous backrest / armrests are tightly formed to “hug” your body in a comforting embrace, making the Giada series, snuggable, huggable and definitely lovable.

woven wicker small sofa armchairs dolcefarniente 2 thumb 630xauto 34219 Woven Wicker Small Sofa and Armchairs by Dolcefarniente

The Giada Small Sofa presents a curvaceous seat for two. The double curve to the sofa back allows both persons to sink comfortably into the sofa, maintaining their own space – or not. The continuous curve also allows both persons to turn slightly towards each other for a more comfortable conversation.


The Giada Armchairs each have a matching ottoman, both with a circular padded and upholstered cushion. You could have fun with more then one of these in different colours, by swapping the pillows and even the ottomans. However you choose to use the Giada armchair, the potent colours make it the perfect statement piece.


The hues within the armchairs are strong but not bright, allowing them to work with a variety of decor schemes such as industrial, seaside, and country, rustic and even modern.


My favourite accent colour – dark plum – is a great foil for greens, blues and reds. It also happens to look great with copper, stainless steel, and pale woods, greige and bright whites.


Both textures within the Giada wicker and sofa upholstery each have a tone on tone effect that can be played up with directional lighting from either a lamp or ceiling spot. Whichever Giada colour story you pick and however you decide to feature it, the statement will be one of luxury and comfort.



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