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Woven Bamboo Veneer Pendant Lighting by Edward Linacre

The “Weave Pendant Lamp” (above) is one of two new offerings from Edward Linacre. Incredibly, it’s designed on computer, using CAD, and incorporating basket weaving techniques. The result? A sublimely woven bamboo (the material of choice) lamp that requires no glue at all to hold it together. A self-supporting 3D woven structure made from one the world’s most renewable resources (bamboo) – it would look great on a covered porch, wouldn’t it? Or over a dining room table? “The Nest” (below), is made from bamboo veneer and fashioned after the architecture of one of nature’s most important creatures. The honeycomb design of the bees nest is another interlocking design that requires no glue or adhesives. Lightweight and elegant, the warm glow of these rich pendant lights will warm up any room.

“The Nest” emulates the honeycomb design of a bee’s nest.
Pieces are interlocking without the use of glue or adhesives – environmentally friendly!
The Weave Pendant comes in a variety of timbers, including bamboo.
More information: Edward Linacre


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