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Wool Felt Cradle Makes Little Nest for Baby

This wool felt cradle makes the perfect little nest for baby – so what could be a more perfect name than “Little Nest”? Shaped out of one single piece of wool felt, this cradle hugs your baby close and keeps them feeling secure. Handcrafted by master hatter Laszlo Girardi for o-bjekt design of Hungary, the double layer of Merino wool is the key to the cocoon structure. With its single-point suspension, the cradle reacts naturally to every wiggle and move the baby makes. The leather straps are suspended securely from the ceiling and your baby can sleep beside your bed. If they stir, just reach out an arm to gently rock the cradle. Born from designer Oszcar Vagi’s own parental experience, this cradle rocks. And not just in functionality but in style. It’s a sleek design and a clever piece of baby furniture that fits effortlessly into any room.

Via: Contemporist


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