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Wooden Radiators by I-Radium

Breaking all convention, wood has taken its place as the modern material of choice in some unexpected places, as revealed at the Milan Furniture Fair. These wooden radiators from I-Radium warm up your living areas both in looks and in temperature. The Gigi modern radiator by designer Enzo Berti features a fun, freestanding cut-out to be placed anywhere in your home. Another design by Berti, the Dot, takes the shape of a heated ottoman complete with leather upholstery and an optional iPod connection. Morphosis, designed by Michael Schmidt, is a modular wall-mounted radiator that appeals to your abstract side and can be hung vertically or horizontally, in any width desired. Get it with accessories like hooks and racks to warm up your towels and bathrobe. And the Meo Bau radiator by Berti is cuteness personified! These home radiators use infrared technology to warm up objects in the room first – namely, people – and heating the air second, which means you feel heat as soon as you turn it on. To learn more about these wooden radiators, visit I-Radium.



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