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Art Radiators turn up the heat in your home this winter

Turn up the temperature (and the style!) in your home this winter with these hot artistic radiators from Art Radiators. You’ll notice a common thread in these two modern designs: love. And what’s not to love? From the allure of Paris to the romance of brilliant red roses, these new radiators are certainly a hot item for the home this season.

Enjoy views of the Eiffel Tower without ever leaving the comfort (and warmth!) of home. The Eiffel Tower radiator (above) becomes an instant hot spot (pardon the pun) in your living area, library or bedroom, with its intricate latticework and subtle backlighting for added effect. This contemporary style radiator measures 1,985 millimeters from top to bottom, making a big visual impact, while its slim, low profile design sits close to the wall without becoming an obtrusive element in small rooms and hallways. The Eiffel Tower radiator is shown here in brushed stainless steel. C’est chic!
And regardless of the season, the Susie radiator (pictured above) brings a little spring into your home with its vibrant floral design. The rectangular double frame in brushed stainless steel encloses a three dimensional, handmade rose sculpture. Personalize your radiator by choosing the color of the flower to blend in – or stand out – with your decor. The Susie radiator is available in three sizes (1,000 x 500, 1,200 x 600, and 1,500 x 750 millimeters) and can be hung vertically or horizontally to suit your space.
More info is available online at Art Radiators.


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