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Designer Heater Pouf by I-Radium, MP3 ready

Is there anything this cool designer heater doesn’t do?? The Pause heater will certainly stop you in your tracks. Designed by Enzo Berti for Italian company I-Radium, this designer heater pouf is made of walnut and boasts a leather seat, lending it a real authentic “furniture” look, but there’s nothing old-school about this unusual heater pouf, which covertly incorporates modern technology into its design. I-Radium uses infrared technology to keep you toasty warm when the weather gets cool. “Hot” in more ways than just one, the Pause heater is MP3 ready, so not only will it keep you warm while you sit, it will also keep you entertained with your favorite tunes thanks to a kinetic transducer enclosed within it. You get all the benefits and convenience of technology, with the look and feel of genuine quality. This cold-weather essential will be available in January 2010. Check it out at I-Radium.



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