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Wooden Lamps and Wooden Lamp Shades by Phosphoria

Not only these wooden lamps and wooden lamp shades from Phosphoria are great decor pieces for the home, these eco-conscious designs do their part for the environment too! But remember: just because something is “salvaged” or “recycled” doesn’t mean it’s of inferior quality. “It’s not uncommon for a lamp to be made from salvaged or renewable and sustainable species: Teak, Mahogany, Cherry, Maple or Poplar,” according to Phosphoria. These luxurious wood varieties take on unique, sculptural forms that blur the boundaries between the functional and the artistic. The Watcher pendant lamp comes in indoor and outdoor models with a circular wooden shade enclosing a wood light diffuser; the Critter table lamp is the perfect addition to large, heirloom furniture in a bedroom or home library; while the Eardrum is a modern table lamp that will bring its warm, gentle glow into any living area. For more information and to see more modern lamps, visit Phosphoria.



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