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Wood and Glass Mountain House with Trio of Terraces

House M by Austrian architecture firm Hohensinn Architektur is a quiet countryside home that finds a beautiful balance between traditional building and modern design. Located against an idyllic backdrop of grassy meadows and mountains, this wood frame house features glass facades and three levels of terraces that invite the breathtaking vistas in. A combination of traditional building materials (namely, timber) and the archetypal house shape with a steeply pitched gable roof, give the house its warm, “homey” appeal. This glass and wood mountain house is a sight to see, inside and out. Take a look.


From the architects, “In line with the building developer’s wishes, we aimed to create an appearance in keeping with the local situation. Both the chosen materials and formal implementation fit in with the surrounding development and thus integrate the house into the man-made landscape of Bad Aussee.”
The wood slat enclosure allows for privacy from the outside, and an awesome sense of openness from the inside.

The house sits on a slope in this mountainous region, allowing for multiple interior levels, each offering access to the outdoors.
The scenery was clearly top of mind when the architects designed this house, lining every floor with terraces and glass.
The glass walls aren’t relegated to the home’s exterior – interiors also boasts glass handrails and an open layout that leaves sight lines open and uninterrupted. Looking from the inside out, you almost feel like you’re sitting out in the countryside.
While we keep throwing around terms like “traditional” this house is certainly not short on modern style. The open kitchen and dining area on the first level enjoy exterior views of grass as far as the eye can see, and an interior style that teeters between country chic and urban cool. A tall-backed wood bench encloses the eating area and directs diners’ eyes to the wall-to-wall window. A bold papered wall in the rear adds a pop of “pow!” to this natural, earthy space.
From its timber exterior to a wood-washed interior, this house has a wonderful natural quality that offsets its contemporary elements.
Upstairs, you almost feel like you’re floating. The glass facade faces the mountains with a walk-out to the terrace, while an interior glass wall leaves sight lines open into the rest of the house.
Three levels, each with its own outdoor access. The wood and glass combination makes the house appear as though it was just an open wood frame, while the slats bring it privacy from the outside world.
A pool at the lower level offers amazing views of the home overhead and the mountains looming not too far off in the distance.
Glass encloses each of the three levels. Against the dark of night and the cool natural backdrop, this house glows and lures outsiders in, like a moth to a flame.
First floor:
Second floor:
Third floor:
Hohensinn Architektur


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