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Wide open home plan on Big Island of Hawaii

Though Lavaflow 7 sounds like something from a sci-fi thriller, it’s actually a contemporary style house on Big Island of Hawaii. Designed by Craig Steely Architecture, this house looks as modern as it sounds, featuring cast concrete walls, large expanses of glass and a combination of indoor and outdoor living rooms that make the most of this pretty hotspot. Located on five acres of dense forest, this raw, natural setting is a beautiful contrast to this earthy yet ultra-contemporary house design. While the window walls give you a sneak peek at what’s inside, you have to take the tour to fully appreciate the home’s subtleties, and it’s not-so-subtleties, for that matter. Check it out:

The house is characterized by a concrete beam, 140 ft. long, 2 ft. tall and 1 ft. wide, spanning the length of the structure and supporting just three short concrete walls. This allows for sizable spans of uninterrupted glass and unobstructed views, as well as an outdoor living area. Apart from its function, the beam also serves to highlight the man-made among these natural surroundings.
The concrete beam overhead also connects all the home’s different living spaces, inside and out. A long, narrow outdoor pool stretches from the home’s walls, past interiors, under the beam and out toward the horizon.
Surrounded by green grass underfoot, blue sky overhead, and tall leafy trees towering all around, this private, pristine property is the perfect setting for this home, which puts outdoor living at the forefront. Of course, that’s not to say as much attention hasn’t been devoted to interiors…
The home’s exterior style works its way indoors, where exposed concrete walls, wood-clad ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass walls create outdoor-inspired interiors. Sliding doors allow for an open concept layout for a sense of community, or simply slide them closed for privacy. Of course, the sliding exterior glass walls also open up the home to the outdoors, extending living areas well beyond its walls.
In spite of the home’s ultra-contemporary look and feel, this kitchen, though definitely modern by design, has a warmth about it that welcomes residents and guests to sit, enjoy a meal and take in the views. The wood ceilings counterbalance the cool, contemporary concrete and stainless steel elements. A floor-to-ceiling frameless glass wall provides a lush focal point and lots of natural light.
This simple bedroom makes for a perfect escape from the everyday – literally, through the sliding glass wall which opens to the garden outside.
The home’s simple style – decorated with just a few statement pieces of modern art and furniture – doesn’t compete with the scenery which is visible at every turn.
While the windows provide endless views, lots of light and lend the home an open, airy feel to the house, this private location, guarded by towering trees, conceals the home and its residents from public view.
This diagram shows the cast concrete walls and its massive beam, highlighting the simplicity of this house design.
And here’s the floor plan, illustrating the home’s indoor and outdoor living areas, which include the pool and lanai, and two alfresco showers.
And here are some three-dimensional renderings of this elongated house plan:

Craig Steely Architecture

via Contemporist
photo credit: Bruce Damonte


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