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Wicker Daybed by Laneventure – canopied Zinnia from WeatherMaster line

Laneventure wicker daybed
What could be more luxurious than indulging in a dreamy nap on the canopied Zinnia wicker daybed? This stunning daybed from the WeatherMaster line by Laneventure is described as “somewhere between the opulence of an Orient-Express sleeper and the gentility of the veranda…” A design by Celerie Kemble, the Zinnia has a frame handwoven from real, sustainable rattan with 41 custom finishes available! The modern synthetic weaves of the cushions are comfortable and come in a range of colours and patterns. Only the best materials make this go into the exclusive WeatherMaster range, which, as their name suggests, allow you to simply enjoy the outdoors by providing welcome refuges and oases of calm. Whisking away to the Orient has never been so easy… try out the Zinnia daybed from Laneventure.
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Laneventure wicker daybed - side view


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