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Outdoor Sofa with Canopy Extension from Exteta – the Kitando collection

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Exteta outdoor sofa Kitando shown in Red Cedar with 2nd sofa in opposite position
The lovely Kitando collection of outdoor sofas from Exteta will extend your enjoyment of the great outdoors. Taking the comfort of indoors to the outdoors is something Exteta does effortlessly with the Kitando collection, which is ‘midway between a sofa and a curtain’. Gorgeous furniture is produced by Italian carpentry methods which pay close attention to the purity of lines. All in Red Cedar, the Kitando collection allows a refined experience of nature. Providing shade, comfort and security, the outdoor sofa will be the meeting point in your garden. The long canopy which extends from the front of the Kitando sofa suggests many uses for the cool, shadowy area underneath: another sofa may be positioned opposite; a table and chairs can be added; or perhaps simply a coffee table in a convenient location. Bring the versatile Kitando Outdoor Collection from Exteta to your garden.
Exteta outdoor sofa Kitando shown with extended canopy


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