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White Moons Is A Lamp That Doubles As Wall Decor

Licht im Raum created a decorative wall luminaire as part of their White Moons collection that redefines the wall lamp and offers a functional wall decor option for a contemporary home. Made of white porcelain in the shape of a cut off sphere, the White Moons are adjustable, which allows users to direct a softly dispersed light in a desired direction and makes for a diverse individual design.

Set in a square of three vertical and three horizontal rows, the spheres have a polished glossy surface that is a perfect match for a sleek modern interior. Its square chromed base contrasts with the white spheres, but only adds to its contemporary aesthetic.

White Moons wall lamp
White Moons wall lamp
White Moons in detail
Lamp details

White Moons Wall Light & Decor

Soft light radiating from each sphere plays beautifully with the shadows formed by the glossy spheres. The wall behind this lamp washes out with glow, and looks tastefully decorated to boot. We can totally see it in a living room, bedroom, or even bathroom.

Wall sconces never looked so modern and sophisticated. And wall art has never been so functional. It is no accident that the designers call it a meeting of light and art and poetry.

Aside from the wall lamp, the moons collection also includes pendant lights featuring the porcelain spheres. One of the pendant versions has them grouped in rows just like they are in a wall lamp, while the other one has each sphere act as a single pendant. And if there’s too much wall space to decorate, there is a 4×4 wall lamp to help you fill in all that space.

White Moons lamp
In home decor
White Moons
It can work with additional wall decor
White Moons in the room
White Moons in the room
White Moons in decor
Soft light comes from inside the cut off porcelain spheres
White Moons 4x4 wall lamp
White Moons 4×4 wall lamp
White Moons 3x3 pendant lamp
White Moons 3×3 pendant lamp
White Moons 3 pendant lamp
White Moons 3 pendant lamp

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