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What’s a foyer? And How exactly you should decorate it

Whether you have lived in your home for many years, just purchased one or are considering it, the foyer seems to always go unnoticed. Furthermore, some homeowners don’t even acknowledge it or decorate it at all. This is mainly due to not knowing what the foyer is intended to do and how to properly decorate it. The foyer is the introduction to your home, it’s the very first area your guests will see once they enter your personal space. Which is why we love the idea of truly creating an area that allows your personality to shine through in your home. Here’s how to do just that.

Bring Animal Print

If you really wanna go big, consider an animal print rug and pairing it with neutral shades that embrace the room overall.

When it comes to finding a pattern for your foyer take into account how much of the room you want to invest in. Once you have sorted that out consider using an attention-grabbing pattern such as animal print. Animal print is notorious for making a statement. It’s one of those patterns that simply make a splash anywhere it is placed. Which is why it’s important to take note of how you want to display animal print. We recommend going the classic route and using it in smaller increments. Doing so will allow you to get the most out of the room while still adding that splash of beauty.

Patterned Wallpaper

Add a mirror to your entryway to allow your wallpaper to feel grander and bolder. Furthermore, the mirror will ensure the area feels grander than what it is.

Do not be afraid of having wallpaper in the foyer. It’s an excellent place to get creative and bring as much character as possible. If you decide to bring a wallpaper, consider working the same style and color into the room as the wallpaper and allowing the pairing to flow. Pile on the pattern as well as the texture and embrace the room overall. Bring in a fun rug to add a splash of charming appeal.

Banana Leaf

Use a wallpaper with an array of colors to make the area have a multidimensional feel.

One pattern and wallpaper, idea that always seems to fly under the rug is banana leaf. Banana leaf patterns are great for the entryway because of how unexpected they are. The pattern itself is not used often so it’s extremely surprising while, being a classic element. Furthermore, the pattern immediately adds a warming effect anywhere it is placed. You can instantly feel the room come to life with a bold green touch. Add warming touches that come in rich hues such as brown and beige.

Black & White Marble

There’s a classic appeal that comes with having a black and white space. It’s almost as if the area becomes extra elegant, instantly.

Sometimes you want to keep it classy, and if that’s the case, bringing black and white marble is the way to go. It’s not only classy, but it adds a statement. We recommend using it as flooring for the best outcome possible. Having marble, black and white floors will make the room have a minimal feel yet brightening effect at once. It’s all about making the room have that sleek touch that makes the space feel open and airy without being decorated or stuffy.

Small but Powerful

Make your own kind of art by working with the wallpaper you already have and decorating around it. It’s all about creating a space that makes sense to the room overall.

Just because you have a smaller entryway/foyer area doesn’t mean you can’t go big or go home. It just means you need to get creative and find another way to do so. The best way to do this is to bring in the artwork. Bring in a large art piece and allow it to make the statement it’s intended to do. Work in a table to make the area feel new and fresh every time you pass by. Therefore, you want to work in multiple art pieces and display them with a sleeker table. The contrast will help embrace the room and all of its natural aesthetics.

Luscious Green

Work your emerald green wallpaper and match it with a lounge chair in the same shade. Blending these two together will instantly make the room feel grand.

If you want a luxury effect in your home, bringing an emerald shade is the way to go. Emerald is one of those shades that instantly feels expensive. Paint the walls green and allow it to be as bold as possible for that touch of luxury that is also powerful. Did you know people who have bold shades of green in their homes as twice as likely to attract money? Call it the law of attraction or just a myth individual believe in, either or we can all use a bit more money, right?

Work in a Bench

A simple bench will further enhance your approach while still giving it that brightening effect the room needs. It’s all about making the room feel brand new every time you walk in.

Your foyer can become an excellent space for additional seating, particularly, when you have guests over. If you have visitors often adding a bench, a table or booth to your foyer can give you that textured approach that makes the room have an intimate feel all at once. For those that might not want to add too many decorative items, take a minimal approach and just bring in a bench. It’s the perfect excuse to make the room feel new and fresh while still being sleek and new.

Bold Lighting

Bring in a unique chandelier to make the statement the room is intended to have

Bring in a bold light fixture to your foyer to truly make the room come to life. Think of adding a bold light fixture as the perfect way to make that specific area feel grand and fresh. It’s almost as if that area will instantly light up to give it that fresh approach that it deserves. Furthermore, if you truly want to add a touch that makes the room feel that much grander, bring in multiple light fixtures. Whether you use pendant lighting, a chandelier or a combination of both that is completely up to you.

Daring Color

The richer the pink hue the better. It’s about creating a contrast that makes the hue appear bold.

Just like wallpaper is always a good idea, using a bold shade is as well. Instead of using a hue that is soft and gentle, go big with it and use a hue that stands out from the rest. It’s all about making the room come to life. While the room might feel sleek on its own, having a touch of modern could be just what the room needs to come to life. Consider using the brighter shade to truly embrace the appeal of the room. You can almost say, having a daring hue will add that character the room is missing in general.

Multiple Colors

The bolder the hues you use, the better it will be for the room, you intend on embracing.

Sometimes using a blend of different shades is the way to go. Bring in bold hues to embrace the room overall. You want to work in as many shades of color as you possibly can, while still getting the room to appear as cohesive as possible. Making the room come to life is great for those that want something extra. It’s great for those that embrace color and want to add a bold touch in the entire room. Keep the space as sleek and modern as possible to ensure the entire space feels grand.

How do you treat your foyer? Share with us your decorating tips and tricks below.


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