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Green Bedroom Ideas That Will Refresh The Space

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current bedroom color palette, or you want to give your sleeping space a subtle new refresh, the best way to do so is to go green. Even the smallest touch of the multi-dimensional hue can breathe new life into your space. Here are 10 green bedroom ideas that will bring your sleeping headquarters back to life.

Go Rustic

Its rich, it deep and it makes a bold statement. A bold enough statement that the room feels rustic yet charming. The aesthetics of the room with remain chic while still being put together. Pair it with rich dark hues of wood for the perfect contrast, the darker the hues the better.

Green can be a perfect hue when you are trying to take a more rustic approach for your home. The key is using darker hues that have a cool undertone such as a green- tea shade.  Pair it with wooden furniture for the perfect touch of color.

Crisp and Repetitive

The key is using one shade that will well with all the other elements in the room. Pair it with patterns in neutral hues to help give that specific color the spotlight it deserves. The key is to allow the green shades to make the main focus of the room.

Choose one shade of green and repeat it throughout the entire room. The repetitive aspect of the color range will make the space feel lively and brought back to life. The idea is for the green to stand out and create a contrast between the neutral hues that you may already have.


While you can use a bight shade of green as your velvet headboard we love the idea of using an emerald shade to bring a royal feel to the space. The gem shade adds to the allure of the space. Pop a few daring patterns to bring your eyes to the decor while allowing the color to stand out on its own.

Do not be afraid of a velvet headboard. It could be exactly what you need to give the room a royal feel, especially if it is paired with other green touches in the room. The idea is to keep the room as classic as possible, to allow the texture of the velvet to be the main focus of the room.

Accent Chair

Finding the right shade of green to repeat around the bedroom can be challenging the key is using a vivid hue such as lime green. Its bold and its fun while pairing well with all of your other neutral shades. Add the color throughout the space for that repetitive yet cohesive look.

Do not discount an accent chair in your bedroom. If you have enough space an accent chair could be exactly what you need to add color without disrupting your current décor. Add a green accent chair or stool for that perfect touch of green.

Art Work

If you want to have artwork as part of your home but don’t know how to achieve the look painting panels could be exactly what you need. Panels work great because each panel shows a different image meaning you can create a custom art piece. That works in all areas.

Love a floral touch? Why not add it with a staple art piece. A bold piece of art in a room can help complete the look. Ensure you add an art form that offers a wide range of green shades. The greenery will help expand the side of the room while still giving you that touch of much-needed green.

Pear colored throw pillows

Pear green throw pillows are great because they can be changed whenever needed. There is also the factor that adding color becomes easier when done this way. Keep the space beautifully laid out and put together by having neutral hues blended in with the pops of green.

Throw pillows are the perfect non-committal way of adding a hue or two of shades of green. A few pear colored throw pillows can make a huge difference in a neutral space. They brighten the room and can be interchanged for any other color throughout the different seasons.

Pair it with Pink

Pink and green are the perfect complimentary colors for one another. If you must have a bold aspect to the room consider having a wallpaper that is bold enough to engulf the space with its aesthetics but simple enough to allow the pink hues to speak for themselves.

No other color works as well with green as the color pink. Pink hues will be a great bold contrast between the green and will brighten up the room. It is also the perfect complimentary hue when you want to work with green shades but don’t know exactly what shades to use with it.

Play with pattern

Pattern does not need to always be bold and in your face sometimes it can be displayed in a subtle way such as in your bedspread. A green patterned bedspread will allow your room to have it very own decor while the bedspread will bring it all together. It creates the perfect contrasting balance between the two.

We absolutely love the idea of using pattern in any room. Therefore, we had to include a green pattern idea for green hues as well. The best way to add pattern when working with shades of green is to have a bold wallpaper take over the room. A daring wallpaper brings any neutral décor together while still being the focal point in the room

Green and Blue

Blue and green are a beautiful pairing. They look good together, they make sense and decorating with them is easy. Pair your favorite hues of blue with charming shades of green for a trendy outcome that makes the room feel tropical. 

Give your room the perfect aquatic feel with a mesh of green and blue hues perfect paired together. As previously mentioned pink is the perfect complimentary hue when it comes to green. However, blending in shades of blue will bring an aquatic feel to the décor space. If you have always wanted to have a rich, almost mystical feel to your bedroom this is the perfect way to do so.

Natural Plants

Not everyone is a fan of plants and that is okay. However, adding a single plant to your bedroom will not only bring shades of green into the room but it will bring life to the space. In theory, plants revive any area which means your room will be revived as well.

Plants are a great addition to any room as they bring in nature to the space all at once. Regardless of how hectic the décor may be simple nature, greenery will enhance the room and allow it to appear put together. They also add a touch of delicate freshness.

Different shades of green might just be what your bedroom needs. Which of these ideas is your favorite? Share with us in the comment below.


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