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Innovative Ways to Make a Small Space Feel Bigger

Decorating a small space in your home can be a bit tricky as small spaces have a tendency of looking cluttered or appearing smaller very quickly. However, one of the biggest misconceptions that many homeowners may have when they are looking to decorate the smaller areas in their home is that they want to leave the space almost empty in order to make it appear larger.

Although less items in a room will give it more openness it will not make it appear larger. On the other hand, there are multiple decorating tips and tricks that you can do to make a small space not only look bigger but feel bigger as well. Here are 10 innovative ways to make a small space feel and appear bigger.

Wallpaper or Paint Your Ceiling

Many individuals have the misconception that the ceiling of a home must be white in order to give it the open feel. However, this is completely false consider using wallpaper or even painting your ceiling a different shade in order to draw your eyes upwards. Anything that will draw the yes, upwards will make a room look and feel bigger.

Lighter Walls and Floors

Although dark and warm colors give a room the cozy feel we all know and love. Dark colors absorb light which will result in making the room appear smaller. In order to make the room appear larger choose light colors for your walls and on your floors. Dark wood is always beautiful, however, it will make the room appear smaller when it is combined with dark colored walls.

Statement Furniture is Always a Good Idea

If you have a small living room, consider getting a statement furniture instead of multiple different small pieces. Doing so will remove the appearance of clutter and give the room a larger appearance. To take this tip a step forward get a light-colored couch and add bold colored pillows to enhance the openness of the room.

Stripes are Your Best friend

Fashion icons will always tell you “stripes can be your best friend when they are done the right way”. The same goes for your living space. Vertical stripes are an excellent want to make a small room appear longer. This can be done with a vertical stripe rug. It is a great way to add dimension and texture to any room while elongating the appearance of it.

Buy Glass or Mirrored Furniture

Glass and mirrored furniture items are very much on trend. Not only are they on trend, but they are an excellent item to have in your home when you want to make the room appear larger. They kind of create a visual of not being entirely there. Therefore, having glass or mirrored furniture gives you visually a larger room.

Oversized Mirror

Mirrors can work wonders in small rooms as they reflect light and openness. However, instead of choosing multiple different mirrors to place on the walls, consider one large oversized mirror that has an interesting aspect to it. Such as breaking areas or designs that make the mirror appear like an extra window.

Ditch the Window Covers

If you want to make a living space appear larger we are here to tell you that you need to ditch the shades, blinds and even the curtains. Leaving your windows bare will give your eyes an illusion of openness and make the room appear bigger. If you are worried about prowling eyes and must have something to cover your windows you can add sheer white drapes for an airy and subtle look.

Art Pieces Make a Difference

Here at Trendir we love art and incorporating art into as many decorative tips as we can. Art pieces are an excellent way to expand the appearance of your room as they create a focal point in the room. Therefore, if you place a large piece of art in a small room the room will instantly have dimension.

Remove Furniture from the Wall

As soon as we think about placing furniture in our home, you may want to place the furniture directly onto the wall. However, this can actually cause the room to appear smaller. In order to make the room appear larger, you want to remove the furniture from the wall. A few inches will do the trick.

Same Color Furniture

If you can find furniture that matches the color of your walls you are in luck! Matching the color of your walls with the color of your furniture will benefit you in more ways than one. The room will appear larger and it will look more cohesive all at the same time.

Making a smaller room appear bigger has now become easy when you follow these tips and tricks. Which tip are you more inclined to use? Let us know in the comments below.



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