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Creative Ways To Decorate Your Console

A console doesn’t necessarily need to be a part of your tv space, it can be a part of your home in general. A flawless, well-decorated console can become the highlight of any room if it is decorated properly. If you have an empty console or a space that needs to be decorated with a little something extra, here are some creative ways to decorate your console and make the most of it.

Bits of Red

When going red consider the shade that you use. If you want a warmer ambiance use a shade such as burgundy, while if you want a bold bit go for a lighter hue.

What better color to paint your console, then red. A color that makes a bold statement, on its own yet makes a room come to life when it is paired with other bold hues. Think of it as the perfect hue to make a room come to life on its own and apart. Furthermore, you can say this color is the ultimate contrasting color.

Add Gold Accents

Consider a console with gold legs to truly enhance any golden bits you might have in the room.

If your console needs a warming touch, adding gold accents is the way to go. Gold is perfect as it warms up any room while still adding personality and giving it that sleek touch. There is a luxurious touch that comes from having gold accents. Add a gold lamp to make the room feel as sleek and charming as possible.


To truly embrace having a minimal console consider sizing down on the width of your console. Though the length can remain the same the width will need to be smaller.

To make a statement, you don’t need to have a bold console. You can have a simple console and make the boldest statement. To do just that you want to add natural materials to your console. Doing so will create a bold picture without overbearing the room.

Add a Wallpaper

A busy wallpaper paired with a sleek console could bring you the perfect hint of color, texture, and personality your room is missing.

When in doubt, add a wallpaper. If you have a console you already like yet don’t know what to do to help it become a statement in the room, add a wallpaper on the wall your console rests on. Doing so enhances the appeal of the console without destroying the décor you have displayed. The idea is to make that area a statement not the console itself per se.

Less is More

For the less is more approach, add one bold element and allow it to make a statement on it own or paired with other trinkets that enhance the room.

Sometimes you don’t want to over decorate your console. That is where having less décor comes into play. You want to display your favorite bits that do not take up too much room on the console. Furthermore, you want to leave some open space, so your console feels modern.

Modern Art Deco

Add classic, modern, art deco bits to truly make the room feel engaging and charming yet chic and classic all at once.

Just like adding wallpaper can make a huge difference in the display of your console, modern art can do the same. Add a mirror with an art deco finish to create that modern appeal that makes the room look and feel modern yet grand.

Organic Charm

Keep your table as organic as possible by adding crisp plants in fun colors to further showcase the classic feel of the room

Something is charming about having an organic table with just as charming decorative pieces. The key is matching your organic console with organic, simple décor that adds to the room’s chic, charm without taking away from any bold decorative aspects you might have.

Bring in Lighting

Consider having light fixtures with some sort of metallic base, for a bold display that makes the room feel grand and luxurious in that particular area.

Not all of your décor needs to be directly on your console it can be on the side, or above it. When seeking something to place above your console, always consider bringing in a light fixture. Light fixtures work great due to how open and airy they make the room. They also add personality where you want and need it most.

Woven Elements

Add a blanket or two inside of your woven baskets to give your console a warming effect that is sleek and charming.

Another form of decorating your console is to add woven baskets. Woven baskets work great in adding décor because of how simplistic they are. They also add a textured appeal without overtaking the room’s space or decorating style. Add a few baskets under your console to save on space while adding extra storage to your decor.


When it comes to adding edge, you want to bring darker hues to enhance the room, making it have that sleek edge without going overboard with the decor.

Who doesn’t love an edgy console? There is something beautiful about having that touch of edge that makes the room feel contemporary and sleek. If you have been wanting to add an edgy twist to any room yet couldn’t figure out how to do so this is the perfect, modern way to achieve it.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The larger your mirror the grander the room will feel, keep that in mind while you are deciding on the size of your mirror and how put together you want your console to appear.

Adding a mirror is always a good idea, it makes the room feel grander without taking away from your console. It’s the perfect additional decorative piece to have in a room when you have a smaller space. The smaller the room the grander your mirror should be. It takes your décor to the next level while giving you an expansive feel.

How do you decorate your console? Share with us what ideas you enjoy using most in the comments below.


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