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Waterworks Opus Bathroom Fixtures Line – An Elegant and Organic Collection

Described by its designers as “smooth, sensual, and organic”, the Waterworks Opus line is an elegant collection of bathroom fixtures created exclusively for style-conscious consumers. One option seen here features whimsical crystal egg handles that would add an unexpected touch to any bathroom. The components of the Waterworks Opus line include everything from faucets and handles to showerheads to and tub fillers. Each unique piece of the collection reflects a common design language, one that emphasizes organic curves and shapes but maintains a simplicity characteristic of fine contemporary design. Most fixtures are available in either a chrome or nickel finish, perfect to complement any scheme. A typical Opus Lavatory Faucet with crystal egg handles is priced between $1,290 and $1,360, depending on the finish. However, all Opus prices are approximate and subject to change, so Waterworks must be contacted to acquire accurate pricing information. Waterworks



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