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Waterworks .25 Bathroom Line

The Waterworks .25 Bathroom line shines with a sharp technical elegance. The uniting characteristic for the line is the .25” radius on all curves. This lends a very sculptural aspect to the line. The bright chrome fixtures feel larger than life, they demand you attention and add quaint character. The .25 Faucets are all available with the classic iconic cross handles or the stream-lined levers. The cross handles abound in personality and individuality, adding a hint of vintage style. The lever handles continue the simplified forms and the smooth lines popular in modern design. Both styles of faucet combine flawlessly with the .25 Double Lavatory. The Double Lavatory features two deep sinks out of a single form. The sharp lines and solid front give a strong bold presence. Finally, the .25 Bath is a cocoon of luxury and relaxation. The asymmetric shape and the warm, matte finish lend an organic and natural aspect. At nearly 6 feet long and 3 feet deep, the .25 Bath can hold up to 90 gallons of water in which bathing is sensual, indulgent experience. This bath is a sculptural centrepiece for the Waterworks line. The Bath is available for $9,000 with the matching Freestanding Tub Spout for $1,250; the Bridge Lavatory Faucet lists at $930 for cross handles and $880 for lever handles; and finally the Double Lavatory is made to order, contact Waterworks for details.


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